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Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Our mission is simple… At Andre’s Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, we strive to be a place where ALL animals are put first. We will put all of our time and effort towards actively protecting, feeding, and sheltering animals while putting a strong emphasis on the prevention of premature euthanasia.



Ever since I was a young child I’ve had an undying love for animals and have always had this ability to connect with them. I’ve always felt like a career working with animals is somewhat of a calling for me. Growing up I always dreamed of having a rescue one day, I am more than ready to make my dreams a reality.

During the summer of 2020 I began my pet sitting business Andre’s Animal Services. As my business has grown, I realized that this isn’t "work" for me, taking care of animals is a  part of me. In 2021 something just clicked and I realized opening my own rescue and sanctuary would be my reality. I want to do something that can really make a difference. We as humans often think we’re above animals… or that people should come before animals, this needs to change. People as a whole need to learn to live in-sync with animals of all kinds, and it’s on us as a society to be leaders in that change.



My first goal is to raise money to go towards getting a piece of property and building it out to best suite the needs for a rescue . I want to have the resources to accept any animal in need, having a decent size piece of land is a must.


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7330 Cameo St.

New Orleans, La 70124

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